Free Football - PPMate P2P Football Guide

PPMate is one of the newer P2P programs, the first version was available in 2006 and then the latest version in 2008. Unlike other P2P software, the PPMate software uses several networks in one to give lots more available sports, football and p2p channels. Currently it uses the PCast, PPStream and PPLive networks giving you access to over 400 channels, more networks will probably be added in the future. The PPMate player also integrates the most advanced P2P streaming technology so it will provide users with the smoothest TV with little or no interruptions. Ensure you select English on installation to use the player with English language.

Some of the football and sports channels you will find when you download PPMate include :

PPMate Features Version

Download the PPMate player Version and start watching free football online today :

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It is possible to play PPMate channels in your favorite media player. To do this when playing a channel go to the channel window, right click and select open in default player.