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TVAnts is a P2P client that allows you to share live streams including free football, Sports, Documentaries, Movies etc. The TVAnts client is in English, Chinese or Spanish. TVAnts allows you to choose from as many as 500-600 channels per day many of which are football channels. When using TVAnts users can either watch the channels or broadcast their own channels as it can act as either a client or server similar to other P2P software like Sopcast. TVAnts has been around for a number of years but has always been dwarfed by PPLive and Sopcast although with the increase of channels on TVAnts it is now being used much more regularly. The quality of football streams on TVAnts is usually good with fairly quick buffering times. The only disadvantage with using TVAnts is the advertisements that you have to view whilst the channels are loading.

Some of the football and sports channels you will find once you have downloaded TVAnts include :

Roma Una
CCTV Football
Shanghai Sports
Dragon TV
Band Sports
Goal TV 1 & 2
ESPN with English commentary

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