Free Football - UUSee P2P Football Guide

UUSee is a Pioneer in Internet based streaming media. The UUSee player is one of the oldest P2P programs available. UUSee is free to download, in the past the player did require registration but this is no longer the case. There is some Advertising in the latest version. When you download the UUSee player you will have access to well over 500 channels which will allow you to view over 1000 football, sports and other live media events everyday. Unfortunately on the latest version of UUSee the interface is entirely in Chinese, there is no English version planned in the future. However by selecting the channel you wish to view here at free -football . eu the program will launch so there is no requirement to read the Chinese. In Chinese UUSEE is 网络电视.

Some of the football and sports channels you will find when you download UUSee include :

UUSee Features Version

Download UUSee Version and start watching free football online today :

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